Maureen Lopes

Road to Dinosaurs

Road to Dinosaurs (full size) ©Maureen Lopes


Road to Dinosaurs (detail) ©Maureen Lopes

A cross country road trip in 2018 led me to the Wind River Road in central Wyoming. The starkness and colors of the rocky hillsides caught my imagination. The ‘bones’ of the earth are exposed so differently than in my Connecticut home area. The sky is an intense blue color and open, unobscured by trees. A special bonus was that the road led to Thermopolis, WY, home of an extensive dinosaur museum.

I chose to use one of my photos of the hillside along the road as the foundation of my art work. Fabric fusing allowed me to play with color, value and depth of field in creating a semi-abstract piece. I included rust-dyed, painted and stamped fabric as well as several pieces of wood veneer. Can you find the several fabric pieces which give homage to dinosaurs that traveled that way millions of years ago?