Mary Lachman

Into the Cosmos

Into the Cosmos (full), © Mary Lachman


Into the Cosmos (detail), © Mary Lachman

I transform scraps of cloth, bits of wool, and cast-off ephemera into contemporary fabric collages, handmade accessories, and functional quilts.  I am inspired by patterns and designs in the natural world.

I work spontaneously and intuitively employing both traditional and innovative quilt-making techniques. I embrace recycled fabrics, vintage sewing machines, and found objects.

I embellish the fabrics with paint and dyes, finishing each piece with additional stitching to add more color and dimension to the artwork. My functional quilts combine classic blocks and modern fabrics in unconventional ways.

Into the Cosmos“, is an abstract representation of the universe created using artist-dyed cottons, and batiks embellished with oil stick rubbings, raw edge applique, hand and machine stitching and fusible applique.

Cellular Organelles

Cellular Organelles (full), © Mary Lachman


Cellular Organelles (detail), © Mary Lachman

“Cellular Organelles” represents the internal workings of the cell including the endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, and mitochondria. It was created using artiste-dyed cotton, batiks, freeform piecing, oil sticks and machine stitching.