Managing Curator

Clara Nartey

Clara Nartey is an artist, an author, and a creativity coach from where she provides opportunities for people to unleash their creativity and fulfill their creative potentials in life.

Clara is known for her heart-centered teaching and her ability to unlock people’s undiscovered creative potential which leaves her clients with confidence. She takes the fear out of being creative through her signature system which transforms her clients from doubters to creators.

She’s a self-taught artist with a life-long love of learning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Statistics and a Masters in Business Administration.  She’s an active member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and Connecticut Women Artists, Inc.

Curator’s Statement

The word “art quilt” by itself gives you a clue as to what this art form is all about. The fact that it’s a combination of two words speaks volumes.

Art quilters use a wide range of materials and techniques which overlap with other art forms. At the same time, they employ methods and materials which are uniquely exclusive to art quilting.

The same way society holds on to traditions in different areas while making advancements, so do the art quilters. Today’s art quilter may use computerized sewing machines, laser cutters, digital illustrations, and software manipulations of images to tell their stories. Meanwhile, art quilters also preserve the traditions of hand sewing, and patch work, in telling their stories. Yes, that part has not changed. Art quilters are still telling stories with their works.

Art quilters from Connecticut who are members of the professional organization – Studio Art Quilts Associates were asked to create works based on their interpretation of the phrase “Rails, Roads and Rivers”. The size requirement was very specific for this collection – 30” x 40”. This  size was chosen to create pieces that would give the best visual impact in the large gallery space planned for this exhibit. Several members commented that this was outside their usual comfort zone. But they rose to the occasion and produced beautiful work.

As you view their artworks, selected by distinguished juror – Martha Wolfe – you’ll see a fusion of technology and tradition on display in telling the stories of “Rails, Roads, and Rivers”

Special thanks to the exhibition committee.

I’ll like to thank exhibition committee members Maureen Lopes and Kathy Bagioni. Your hard work in putting this exhibit together hasn’t gone unnoticed. I can’t imagine how it would have been to manage this exhibition without your help. Thank you. I appreciate both of you. It’s been a joy working with you.