Managing Curator

Clara Nartey

Clara Nartey is an award-winning artist and a writer whose passion is to help others reawaken their inner creativity. She is the creator of the website where she writes about creativity and educates her readers through confidence building and skills training.

Her artwork explores using machine stitches in non-traditional ways – to draw lines, to shade and to color. She uses threads as ink to draw, and fabrics as paint, to color between the drawn lines. Her artworks have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the U.S.A.

She’s a self-taught artist with a life-long love of learning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Statistics and a Masters in Business Administration.  She’s an active member of Studio Art Quilt Associates and Connecticut Women Artists, Inc.

Curator’s Statement

Science and art often seem to be two mutually exclusive topics. We expect people to either be scientifically inclined or artistically talented. The connections between science and art are inconceivable to most people. However, there are many linkages between the two disciplines. It’s quite common to find artists with science backgrounds and vice versa. And just as common to have scientific devices influenced by the arts, whether it be in their design and user experience, or in their presentation.

Be it nautical instruments, diseases, and viruses, the inner workings of the human body, nature or natural disasters, the artists in this exhibition have created various works to interpret one of the most vital aspects of modern societies – science – in their own unique and individual styles.

Traditional quilting techniques, photographic processes, illustration, and digital technology, play a significant role in many of these pieces both in conceptualization and execution.

Drawn from artists in Connecticut and surrounding areas, the works in “Local Color: Inspired by Science” expand on the narrative of science intersecting with art.