Laura M. Lugo

The Creative Road to Happy Town


The Creative Road to Happy Town (full size) ©Laura M. Lugo


The Creative Road to Happy Town (detail) ©Laura M. Lugo

When I thought about the concept of the challenge Local Color: Rails, Roads & Rivers, the idea of a road captured by imagination. But a road should go somewhere….should take you on a journey. I was stumped; where would I go? Then it hit me: I would go to Happy Town! A glorious place where all art, no matter the medium, is a joy to create, turns out as planned, and is perfect in every way! (Notice, I still haven’t arrived….)

I like sparkly stuff, so the quilt has sparkles, also the sun is made out of curtains that hung in my childhood kitchen in Queens and the spangles come from my mom’s stash that she used to put on those crazy spangled-covered hats in the 60’s!