Kathleen Bagioni

A Morning Well Spent

A Morning Well Spent ©Kathleen Bagioni


A Morning Well Spent (detail) ©Kathleen Bagioni

This is taken from a photograph that I took of my husband kayaking at Mansfield Hollow Dam. It is a lovely area, popular with families and fishermen, motorboats and kayaks. One section of the park is accessed by passing through a low culvert. You leave the busyness and noise behind and enter a quieter place full of frog and birds and fish. Little coves and inlets beckon. Small streams and a winding shallow river are perfect playgrounds for relaxed exploration.

Braided River – Denali

Braided River – Denali (full size) ©Kathleen Bagioni
Braided River – Denali (detail) ©Kathleen Bagioni

A braided river is a series of shallow streams that meander across a wide channel. They often are thick with sediment. I saw my first braided river in Alaska. It was a combination of clear water streams and glacial source streams. These glacial streams were full of gray rock flour or glacial silt. These rivers were unlike anything I have ever seen in New England.