Kate Themel

Crazy Train

Crazy Train (full size) © Kate Themel


Crazy Train (detail) ©Kate Themel

Crazy Train is a literal interpretation of the “Rails” theme, but I did go on an amusing mental journey making this quilt. I assembled it with hundreds of pieces of colored fabric, each one cut and placed by hand. At first it’s hard to tell where the design is going. It just looks like a bunch of weird shapes and harsh colors. But as I build the layers, the image comes to life. Once the pieces are in place, I use hand guided machine stitching to define the edges of shapes, blend colors or add details like small reflections.

My work is all about light and shadow. I want the composition to look real, even if the colors are unnatural or strange. In fact I prefer to use surprising color combinations, to make the viewer look twice at something familiar or commonplace. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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