Judy Ross

Wind in My Sails

Wind in my Sails (full), © Judy Ross


Wind in my Sails (detail), © Judy Ross

I am intrigued by the idea of interpreting photographs into fiber art. The photograph that inspired this piece was taken by Kate Hummel while she was taking sailing lessons in Philadelphia Harbor. I used it with her permission. This is the piece that grew from that photograph. It brings the thought of science to my mind because the principles of physics guide how the wind blows and the blowing wind makes sailing possible. I used commercial cotton, ultra suede, twine and machine appliqué to make my piece.


Neurons (full), © Judy Ross


Neurons (detail), © Judy Ross

While making my piece entitled Synapse, I was inspired to recreate nerve cells, also as seen under a microscope, using different materials. In this piece I wanted to emphasize the branching and tree-like look of the dendrites as they leave the nerve cell body For this interpretation of neurons, I used a web-like netting, commercial cotton. satin and machine applique


Synapse (full), © Judy Ross


Synapse (detail), © Judy Ross

My first thought when I thought of making an art quilt inspired by Science was to depict nerve cells as seen under a microscope. This was my interpretation of nerve cells and their synaptic connections. I wanted to create what looked like an electrically excitable cell and I remembered the tinsel from Christmas trees from my childhood. I used commercial cotton, tinsel, painted non-woven interfacing. tulle and machine applique to create my piece.

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