Judy Ross

Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows (full size) ©Judy Ross


Casting Shadows (detail) ©Judy Ross

This whole cloth piece was based on a photograph of a bicyclist riding beside a roadway in Couer d’Alane, Idaho, casting his shadow on the path. This was a literal roadway but I wanted it to have a stained glass and indistinct look so that the viewer gets the idea that all roads in life are not smooth and there can be shadows and unclear forks along the journey.

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Shadows on the Roadways

Shadows on the Roadways (full size) ©Judy Ross


Shadows on the Roadways (detail) ©Judy Ross

SHADOWS ON THE ROADWAY was based on a photograph I took of an old railway that had been converted into a new trail along the river in Farmington, Connecticut. I was intrigued by the interesting shadows being cast by the trees and the fence. Sometimes our paths are shrouded in darkness and we never know what is around the next corner. Relics of the past can be reborn into treasures of the present.