Evelyn Oliver Knight

X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision (full), © Evelyn Oliver Knight



Local Color Artist - Evelyn Knight
X-Ray Vision (detail), © Evelyn Oliver Knight

As a relatively new member of SAQA-CT, I’m excited to submit an entry in Local Color 3 – Inspired by Science. “X-ray Vision” is my first submission for SAQA-CT!

“X-ray Vision” was inspired by modern medical science.  As we age, we face conditions that may require surgery to replace bones that cause pain and interfere with activities of daily living.  Hip replacements are a common solution, but how is a hip replaced?  

“X-Ray Vision” depicts an x-ray of the device used to replace a right hip joint compared to the functioning left hip.  The material used to make the implant varies, but the device may include metal, ceramic, or a plastic called polyethylene.  The malfunctioning hip is cut away from the pelvic bone.  The replacement device is inserted deep into the femur (thigh bone); its head includes a socket placed in a shell with a liner that connects to the pelvic bone.  Because it is a tool, it can be adjusted to ensure proper fit. In fact, parts of this device resemble a ratchet.