Diane Wright

Honey Bee Armageddon

Local Color Artist - Diane Wright
Honeybee Armageddon (full), © Diane Wright



Honeybee Armageddon (detail), © Diane Wright


The effects of honeybee hive collapse shows us how devastating even small changes can be in our environment can be.

This piece was inspired by Dr. Marie Spivak’s TED talk, “Why Bees are Disappearing” (See QR Code).

I imagined the not too distant future:

TV Reporter: “In response to the recent honey bee colony attack, Congress, sitting in emergency session, has authorized the use of drones” (QR  Code sounds of healthy hive).




Honeybee Armageddon (full), © Diane Wright




Honeybee Armageddon (detail), © Diane Wright


While chatting with my young grandchildren, I was reminded of the changes over time in spoken language.

This piece, created in 2010, certainly illustrates some of those changes… one could add and subtract many more words.

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