Dawn Allen

Lighthouse, Playhouse

Lighthouse, Playhouse (full size) ©Dawn Allen


Lighthouse, Playhouse (detail) ©Dawn Allen

“The Great American Road Trip” series features art pieces colorfully depicting vintage cars and trucks “traveling” all over the United States. The inspiration behind the series is my experience as a mother of young children, feeling trapped at times, lacking the freedom to go where-ever, when-ever! I chose to feature vehicles because the car is a symbol of total freedom. You can jump in and go anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Lighthouse, Playhouse features a scene from Connecticut which I read about in an article online. The story was about a family with young kids and the father had commissioned a contractor to turn the interior of this lighthouse into a playhouse for his children. I would have loved that when I was a kid! In fact, I would love it now!

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