Christina Blais


Crossroads (full size) ©Christina Blais



Crossroads (detail) ©Christina Blais

Crossroads is a continuation in a series of works that explores division and unity. In this series I use definitive red, white and black as metaphors for society, hard held beliefs, and hardship. The piecing and fabric choices in the crossroad shows murky transitions as we change direction and move toward another path.

Homage to the Dutchman

Homage to the Dutchman (full size) ©Christina Blais


Homage to the Dutchman (detail) ©Christina Blais

While in Paris, I crossed the Seine river many times, noticing and appreciating the different bridges and life along the river. Up for a challenge, and wanting to work in a “painterly” direction, I discovered Van Gogh’s work “Bridges Across the Seine at Asnieres” and set out to re-create the painting in fabric and thread.

As I worked on this piece, more and more details in the original painting became apparent; and I appreciated the painting more each day as I studied it and worked to re-create it.