Catherine Whall Smith

Bails and Bugs On the Trail

Bails and Bugs On the Trail (full size) ©Catherine Whall Smith



Bails and Bugs On the Trail (detail) ©Catherine Whall Smith

On the road to the historic Joshua Trust Home there they sit and soak up the sunny day. My photos of these “Sun-Bathers” were digitally applied to treated cotton. Machine pieced and Hand Quilted. – Presently, the quilts that I create are strongly influenced by my rural surroundings and the desire to be in the moment. Everyday activities are incorporated into my art.

My photos record the cutting of hay fields being prepared, rolled, and packed in white plastic, then stacked like sculptures. These images incorporated into my quilts make a statement about the seasonal changes that are occurring around me.

My final connection with each piece is hand stitching repetitive lines across the quilts surface. Thousands of tiny stitches allow me to once again be in the moment as three layers merge into one and my art transforms from a flat surface to one with texture, drape, and dimension.

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