Carol W. Capozzoli

Grief Journey

Grief Journey (full size) ©Carol W. Capozzoli
Grief Journey (detail) ©Carol W. Capozzoli

From the moment of a shock, whatever the cause, ones journey through the grief process is not linear. Rather it is a winding, twisting, tangled road back and forth through the stages of grief. I chose to use the colors dark navy blue, orange, red, yellow and green to represent the five stages of grief. I used snippets of colors scattered into other colors to represent that one can be in and out of the stages, or mixed in several.

The black yarn couched onto the quilt represents the road traveled in a tangled route. I built bridges for the road to travel between the different colors of grief by fusing longer thin snippets of colors passing over bridges, adding thin tubular beads to further express the bridges. The road tangles back and forth through all the stages until it emerges through the upper corner of the green fabric, expressing breaking through to accepting the past, a new normal.