Barbara McKie

Observe and Discover

Observe and Discover (Full), © Barbara McKie


Observe and Discover (Detail), © Barbara McKie

I was a scientist, looking to discover new antibiotic-producing microbes. Studying art opened my photographer’s eyes to nature’s details. Computer science studies helped me transfer my photographic images to fabric. This work represents scientific studies up close. Sciences included: botany, zoology, oceanography, entomology, geology, ornithology, archaeology, and chemistry.

Hanging Out Down Under

Hanging Out Down Under (Full), © Barbara McKie


Hanging Out Down Under (Detail), © Barbara McKie

Having been a biology major in college and working in the field and then later working in personal computer support, and always took photographs of nature.  Then I then studied art, and applied all of this experience to my love of quilting.  My husband and I travel to places all over the world to seen nature and photograph it.  On a private nature preserve in northern Australia a Pademelon only 18 inches high and her joey came within feet of us.  Their gentle nature let me take a picture which inspired this quilt.   Thread painting and trapunto add to the natural feel of the art quilt.

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